Tesla Wheel Alignment in Castro Valley, CA

Tesla vehicles have taken California by storm – whether in Southern California or Northern California – you can see them everywhere.

One of the recurring needs of Tesla owners is wheel alignment. Electric vehicles tend to be hard on tires. Any time you do tire replacement, wheel alignment is indicated.

Due to rapid acceleration, it’s also easy for a Tesla to bump into curbs, parking stalls, etc. Any time your vehicle bumps into things, there is a high probability of wheels going out of alignment. Over time, misaligned wheels will cause accelerated and uneven tire wear, resulting in premature need for tire replacement.

At Adams Autoworx in Castro Valley we offer professional Tesla wheel alignments – our newest computerized alignment machine can detect and correct misalignment as slight as 1/100 of an inch. Yes, that’s the accuracy we can achieve, and recommend for your Tesla. Even slight misalignment can cause accelerated tire wear, so having your Tesla undergo professional wheel alignment will improve ride quality and extend tire life.

We also recommend wheel alignment check once per year – Bay Area roads are full of potholes, and hitting one can cause alignment issues as well.

Call us to make an appointment. To find out about other services offered by Adams Autoworx in Castro Valley visit our Tesla service page.

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