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Tesla Service at Independent Auto Repair Shops

Yes, you heard it right, Tesla service at independent auto repair shops. We can now provide Tesla owners not only with new OE tires, but also wheel alignment, brake pads replacement, and suspension work. Tesla finally recognized that the long wait times at the Tesla service centers are not going away, particularly when they are ramping up production at the Texas Giga Factory. So for the first time independent auto repair shops are getting access to Tesla OE parts, and we are also getting more technical information flow. Naturally independent shops  can also provide Michelin OE Tesla tires, as well as Tesla tires from Continental and other well-known brand names. These tires have the special foam inserts to keep the ride quiet. Naturally along with new tires we can provide wheel alignment for Tesla vehicles. We anticipate that over time Tesla will provide more technical information, more parts, and will rely on independent auto repair shops to provide the services that Tesla vehi ... read more

Audi Brake Fluid Change at Toole's Garage Stockton

Everyone knows how essential the braking system is to their safety and that of their passengers but many vehicle owners forget to get the brake fluid changed regularly. Although the brake fluid is capable of withstanding high pressure and temperature caused by friction, it can lose its effectiveness over time due to buildup of dirt and particles. Brake fluid also absorbs water from the environment, and over time increased water content can cause braking problems, and in severe cases, outright brake failure. That’s why Toole’s Garage offers brake fluid testing and brake fluid change at our Stockton, CA auto care facility. Signs your Audi needs a brake fluid change service It’s vital to know when the brake fluid is losing its hydraulic power and your Audi will usually let you know by giving off warning signs. Here are a few to note: Longer braking distance When you press the pedal, the brake fluid transforms the force into pressure t ... read more

Brake Service and Repair

Brake Repair    It’s hard to overstate the importance of your car’s brakes. Responsible for allowing your car to come to a stop, they are the most important feature in your vehicle when it comes to safety. That’s why it’s important that you keep up with maintaining these systems and not hesitate to have a brake repair done if needed.    While brakes are much simpler than your engine, there are still many parts that contribute to your car's stopping power.   Most Common Brake Services and Repairs Due to how vital the brakes are to your safety, it is always recommended that you have your brakes repaired at your local repair shop. If you have noticed decreased braking power, a grinding noise when braking, or anything else out of the ordinary, do not delay bringing your car into the shop. As there can be many factors responsible for poor braking, here are a few examples of what types of brake repairs can be done at y ... read more


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