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Subaru Engine Tune Up in San Carlos, CA

Your Subaru’s proper functioning is determined by the combined efforts of different components in your vehicle. The engine is the one of the most important components in your Subaru. While your vehicle may continue moving if some components are faulty, any problem with your engine may get you stranded on the side of the road. Even though most modern vehicles are self-tuning, we still recommend bringing your Subaru for a tune-up from time to time. Toole’s Garage in San Carlos can provide Subaru tune-up services, along with hundreds of other services your vehicle may require. Even though computers watch over most of the functions that used to be performed during tune-ups, and adjust parameters in real time, sometimes things will get so far out of the normal range that the computer cannot compensate, and a tune up service becomes a necessity. Signs your Subaru is overdue for an engine tune up ... read more

Honda Timing Belt Replacement

Honda Timing Belt Replacement

Honda Timing Belt Replacement You may never come in contact with your timing belt but it is vital for the smooth functioning of your Honda’s engine. It is responsible for rotating the engine’s cam and crankshaft in sync to enable them to open and close at the right time. Without a working timing belt, an engine will not run. Because it is subject to a lot of stress and strain, the timing belt suffers wear and tear, and will eventually need to be replaced. Typically Honda timing belt will need to be replaced every 105,000 miles or so. The number is not precise, because a lot depends on the type of driving you do, and on the timing belt inspection – if there is visible deterioration, an early riming belt replacement is indicated. If the timing belt is past its prime, you may also notice following symptoms – we recommend a timely visit to your local mechanic – a broke timing belt is not an insignificant issue. So here is a short list of sy ... read more

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