Audi Brake Fluid Change at Toole's Garage Stockton

Everyone knows how essential the braking system is to their safety and that of their passengers but many vehicle owners forget to get the brake fluid changed regularly. Although the brake fluid is capable of withstanding high pressure and temperature caused by friction, it can lose its effectiveness over time due to buildup of dirt and particles. Brake fluid also absorbs water from the environment, and over time increased water content can cause braking problems, and in severe cases, outright brake failure. That’s why Toole’s Garage offers brake fluid testing and brake fluid change at our Stockton, CA auto care facility.

Signs your Audi needs a brake fluid change service

It’s vital to know when the brake fluid is losing its hydraulic power and your Audi will usually let you know by giving off warning signs. Here are a few to note:

  • Longer braking distance

When you press the pedal, the brake fluid transforms the force into pressure to slow down your Audi. If you notice that your vehicle is taking longer to slow down or stop, it could be due to different issues and one of them is low or dirty brake fluid. Have a mechanic check your braking system.

  • Illuminated brake warning light

Since the braking system is a key system in your Audi, it has a dedicated warning light that illuminates on your dashboard whenever the onboard diagnostic system detects a fault. Low or contaminated brake fluid may trigger the anti-lock braking system (ABS) light.

  • Discolored brake fluid

Good brake fluid should have a clear, slight amber color. If it looks dark, you’re probably overdue for a brake fluid change service. You can check the color yourself by popping the hood and looking for a transparent fluid tank. The lid may have “DOT” on it.

  • Noisy brakes

By lubricating the moving parts of the braking system, brake fluid helps to keep everything quiet when you press the pedals. If you notice a grinding or scraping noise when you apply brakes, you should have the brake fluid changed.

If your Audi is expressing any of the symptoms above, you should take it to a local mechanic to have the brake fluid, and the entire brake system inspected. Toole’s Garage Stockton offers comprehensive brake system services including brake fluid replacement. To learn more, visit our brake fluid change page.

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