Shocks and Struts Repair and Replacement

Why a Shock and Strut Repair Is Important


Your shocks and struts are an invaluable component of your vehicle’s suspension. These parts not only ensure that you have a comfortable ride but are also integral in making sure that you have complete control of your car.


Shocks and struts replacement or repairs are not something that should be put off as a suspension failure can cause loss of vehicle control.

What Are Shocks and Struts

Shocks and struts are sometimes used interchangeably and while they perform similar tasks, they are their own independent components. Every car can have a combination of shocks and struts or some may just have shocks. It is fairly common have shocks in the front and struts in the rear axle.


Both of these parts will help your vehicle in the following ways:


● Preventing excessive body and tire movement.
● Provide consistent braking and handling by ensuring the tires are in constant contact with the road.
● Reduce vehicle bounce, roll, and sway on uneven roads and sharp turns.


A big difference between the two is that shocks are not load-bearing components. Their primary purpose is to control the movement of the spring in the suspension. Through the use of hydraulic fluid and a piston, shocks can dampen any bumps in the road. Due to the characteristic of the fluid, the shocks will exhibit higher resistance to fast suspension moves, meaning sudden potholes at high speeds won’t rattle the car.


On the other hand, struts will replace the upper control arm on conventional suspensions. This saves space and weight compared to a shock absorber connected to a conventional suspension. However, a strut takes on some of the vehicle's weight, making a strut repair all the more important. As with the shock absorber, a strut features a piston with hydraulic fluid to help dampen any sudden suspension movements. 


If you notice any excessive swaying, bouncing, or loss of steering control, do not delay having your vehicle checked at your local auto repair shop. Competent mechanics can diagnose and repair any shock or strut problem your vehicle may experience.


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