Goodyear’s 90 Percent Sustainable Ingredients Tires

Goodyear is known for its tire innovations including using dandelion latex instead of tree harvested latex (when you break dandelion stem, the white stuff that comes out contains latex). So it’s not a surprise that recently Goodyear announced they were able to produce a 90% sustainable tire.

The tire materials include not just recycled polyester, but also plant-based materials, like soybean oil, rice husk waste, and pine resin. Steel used in the tires has high recycled content. According to Goodyear, the tires have passed regulatory testing, as well as Goodyear’s internal durability and performance testing.

Naturally Goodyear will need to line up suppliers and create a reliable supply chain in order to scale production, so it will take some time before you can buy 90% sustainable tires at your local tire dealer.

The stated goal of Goodyear is to eventually produce tires that are made of 100% sustainable-materials. At present, there is no estimate on when this tire will be created, let alone when it will be available to the general public. Having said that, even a 90% sustainable-materials tires would be a big step towards a more environment-friendly tire industry. Way to go Goodyear!


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