Audi AC Repair in Walnut Creek, CA

Your Audi’s AC was designed to keep you cool and comfortable whenever you’re behind the wheel. It is especially helpful in the summer months when extreme heat causes a lot of sweating. Because of the vital function the AC system plays, it’s important to ensure that it’s in top working condition – Diablo Auto Specialists provides comprehensive Walnut Creek Audi AC repair services. Old age and frequent usage may lead to some components getting worn and damaged. When this happens, your AC may fail to provide the right temperature.

Warning signs your Audi AC needs repair

Knowing the warning signs of a failing AC can help you nip the problem in the bud, so you don’t end up in a sweaty mess while driving.

  • Weak airflow

The number one sign that your Audi’s AC is overdue for service or repairs is that the airflow drops until it is non-existent. When a vehicle’s AC stops blowing cool air, it could be due to a failed blower motor, or one of the supporting components, like the blower motor resistor or blower motor switch.

  • Unusual odor

When you turn on the AC on full-blast and you start smelling pungent odors, it likely indicates mold growth in your evaporator case, or in an air vent. It may also be caused by refrigerant leak or a cabin air filter that’s not been replaced in a while. An AC repair service will help to locate and correct the source of the odor.

  • Weird noises

Weird noises can be caused by different things but if you hear strange noises anytime you turn on the AC, you’re probably dealing with a problem with the cooling system which could be due to worn out compressor, rattling compressor clutch, squealing pulley bearing, broken fan belt, or other fan issues,  etc.

  • Fluid inside the car

If there’s a fluid leak underneath your dashboard, it’s definitely time for an Audi AC repair. Such leaks are usually due to a crack in the vent hose or debris clogging the hose, preventing water from sipping out, or it could be a heater core leaking the coolant into the cabin. If the heater core is leaking, low coolant levels could cause engine overheating – never ignore fluid in the cabin.

A fully functional AC can be the difference between comfort and unhappiness on a hot summer day – if you notice any of the signs listed above, bring your Audi to Diablo Auto Specialists Walnut Creek auto care facility for AC repairs – we will get your Audi fixed right away!

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