2023 Toyota Prius

While Toyota Prius vehicles can be seen everywhere on the Bay Area roads, nobody has ever accused it of being stylish or slick. This is about to change. The new 2023 Toyota Prius looks pretty darn sporty, and it has more interior space and more power as well.

According to the MotorTrend magazine, it’d equipped with lithium-ion battery that provides 15% more output, while being more compact, thus freeing up some interior and trunk space. It also delivers 57mpg ( combined) mileage. Previous version delivered 52 mpg, so almost 10% improvement. Moreover, it can go from 0-60 in around 7 seconds – not a pocket-rocket, but pretty respectable. Check out some pictures on the MotorTrend site.

Naturally, the new Prius is only meant to fill the gap before the EVs from Toyota take over. Toyota has committed to investing $35 billion towards development of electric vehicles through 2032, and it promises to deliver 30 EV models within a decade.

We are looking forward to the EV vehicles from Toyota, in the meantime, the 2023 Prius sure looks like a fun car to drive.


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